December 9, 2021

Ashley Outlet is Now Open!


Ashley Homestore Outlet is now open at 1804 Macarthur Drive Suite 150 Alexandria, Louisiana, 71301.

Honestly, I’m going to regret telling you about this. This store should be one of those things that I make my little secret. When someone comes to my house and says, “I love your furniture. Where’d you get it?” I should reply, “Oh, here and there” and smile because I know exactly where I got it and relish the amount of money I saved. I went into Ashley Outlet for ‘research’ purposes and walked out with an entire dining room set and bar stools. 

Ashley Furniture has been around since 1945 and is one of the biggest players in the furniture world. Ashley Furniture revenues about $6.6 Billion a year and in 2021 they were ranked #62 largest privately-owned companies. Ashley Homestore Outlet is exactly as the name suggests, it’s all Ashley Furniture but at discounted prices. If Ashley Furniture marks down any inventory, it’s moved to the outlet. However, there are a few caveats. The price is the price and there’s a limited supply. There’s no price negotiation or bulk discounts and the inventory in the store is all that’s available. This is a very good option if you need furniture tomorrow and don’t want to wait for this supply chain to work itself out. The sales representatives are extremely friendly and are happy to check inventory in the back or see if they can pull from another store. They have a little bit of everything from rugs and artwork to bedroom sets and massive sectionals. 

There is it, my not-so-secret secret that I’m giving up to my readers, only because I love you dearly. I hope you enjoy it! Stop by and browse as you do some holiday shopping, and thank you for supporting Revive Cenla.

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