October 1, 2021

A Master Plan Community Is Coming To Alexandria!


If you’ve visited South Louisiana or Texas over the years, you’ve likely heard of or experienced a master plan community. River Ranch of Lafayette is the best example of this. Usually, these communities are characterized by gorgeous homes with large sidewalks, beautiful trees, fountains, and surrounded by an array of businesses, all within walking distance. 

Well Cenla, I hope you’re sitting down because Traditions is coming to Alexandria!

Traditions, a traditional neighborhood development, will be located off of MacArthur Drive behind Tractor Supply. This 75-acre community will feature over 300 homes with offices, retail, restaurants, and shopping centers. Housing options will range from townhomes to single-family homes, as well as, manor and estate homes. Some of the amenities include recreational parks, community pavilion, community pool, and Bayou Events Venue. 

This eleven-phase development will be a massive undertaking and take several years to complete, however, phase one will be kicking off this year. Needless to say, if you’re interested in purchasing a lot in this area, start inquiring now. For inquires about lot purchases, you can contact Zach Luneau at 318-452-1565 or Ahrens Realty Company at 318-321-1953 located at 1234 Texas Avenue, Alexandria, LA, 71303. 

What’s most exciting and important is the added retail space Traditions will bring. It will also be a showpiece that encourages other businesses and restaurants to move to Alexandria. Check out Traditions website here. See the lot breakdown below and subscribe to Revive Cenla for updates on this development.

Example neighborhood

Lot breakdown

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