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Is Cenla starting to feel repetitive?

Do you ever feel stuck in this town? Are you tired of eating at the same restaurants? Seeing the same scenery? Well, here you can discover something different. Revive Cenla shares everything new happening in our community. New places to take the family, new subdivisions, new businesses, and new hope for the community. See our articles to learn more, happy reading!

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What You Can Expect From Us

Verified Businesses

Each business is verified by Revive Cenla and meets two requirements: they must have a physical location and service the general population.

Located in Cenla

We’re not going to debate where Cenla starts and stops, however, each business is relevant to you and within a reasonable distance.

Impacting our Community

Knowledge is power. Revive Cenla shares exciting news for our community in hopes it will encourage growth and revitalization.

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Ashley Outlet is Now Open!

Ashley Outlet is Now Open!

Ashley Homestore Outlet is now open at 1804 Macarthur Drive Suite 150 Alexandria, Louisiana, 71301. Honestly, I'm going to regret telling you about this. This store should be one of those things that I make my little secret. When someone comes to my house and says, “I...

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Phase 1 Construction for Central Louisiana State Hospital is Underway

Phase 1 Construction for Central Louisiana State Hospital is Underway

Central Hospital, located near Buhlow Lake, has been helping individuals across the state since 1906. Several years ago, it was announced that the hospital would be building a new state-of-the-art facility. Phase 1 of construction is underway and is estimated to take 18-24 months to complete. This new facility is costing around $33,000,000 and all current Central services will be moved there. Of course, with every new shiny building, other businesses tend to move in around it. Hence the brand new Y-Not Stop, that’s a mere 3-minute drive from the grounds. 

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Hailey Huffman

Consider me your volunteer town crier. I’m focused on highlighting entrepreneurs in our town in hopes it will encourage additional growth in our area. I need your help to make this happen. Read our articles, share them with your friends, and support these local businesses! Contact me to share tips, leads, and spill all the tea. Send me an email at