November 9, 2021

Phase 1 Construction for Central Louisiana State Hospital is Underway


Construction is underway for the new 120-Bed inpatient mental health hospital. 

If you’re from Pineville, you’re likely very familiar with Pinecrest and Central Louisiana State Hospital. The two are not the same so here’s a quick synopsis of what you need to know: Central Louisiana State Hospital, also known as Central, is a full-service psychiatric hospital. See the service listings here. Pinecrest Supports and Services is a 24-hour care facility for adults with developmental disabilities. Both are state-run but are in separate locations. 

Central Hospital, located near Buhlow Lake, has been helping individuals across the state since 1906. Several years ago, it was announced that the hospital would be building a new state-of-the-art facility. Phase 1 of construction is underway and is estimated to take 18-24 months to complete. This new facility is costing around $33,000,000 and all current Central services will be moved there. Of course, with every new shiny building, other businesses tend to move in around it. Hence the brand new Y-Not Stop, that’s a mere 3-minute drive from the grounds. 

But let’s take a minute to chat about why all of this is important. Mental health, especially since the pandemic, has begun affecting more Americans than ever before. 1 in 5 American adults has a diagnosable mental health condition. In 2020, the number of American adults reporting mental illness jumped to 40%. Approximately, 7% of Louisiana residents reported substance abuse. This statistic affects individuals as young as twelve and up. Central’s new hospital is important because our residents, and the residents of Louisiana, will have better access to mental health resources. Not to mention the jobs, revenue, and other economic impacts this facility will bring. 

If you need help with addiction or mental illness, here are the links for local and national resources: 

Louisiana Department of Health Resources

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Facility Address: 242 W Shamrock Ave, Pineville, LA 71360.

If you need help please utilize these resources. Your life matters! Thank you for reading .

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