October 11, 2021

The Chevron is now open!

Chevron Gas Station

Chevron is open at 7520 Coliseum Blvd, Alexandria, LA, 71303. 

To qualify this new business as a gas station is a bit unfair. This Chevron is right up there with our favorite smiling beaver (if you know, you know). This massive building is equipped with sixteen gas pumps, a liquor store, a food store, a nice seating area, slushie machines, a frozen food section, and a popcorn machine. They’ve even decorated their front entrance with fall decor!  

Besides the extremely nice amenities, this Chevron has a lot of things working in their favor. It’s within walking distance to Johnny Downs fields and is one of the only gas stations on the westbound side of Hwy 28 West. It’s also one of the last spots before Kincaid and will make an excellent pit stop for the lakers. 

If you’re headed that way, stop by and treat yourself to a cold slushie and fresh popcorn. Another great addition to Cenla. Thanks for reading and support our local businesses!

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